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One Year On

Second Anniversary

Third Anniversary

An Autumn Gift

An autumn leaf caressed my face
Then slowly drifted down,
To join a perfect tapestry
Of russet, gold and brown.

Hedges are bright with berries;
Virginia creepers' turning red:
I reflect on the passing seasons
For it's time to look ahead.

The summer has long since passed
And winters on the way,
But there is beauty all around
On this mellow autumnal day.

This day has made me realise
God's blessings all come free;
And He gave me a wonderful gift,
~The ability to see.~

Copyright Marian Jones 10/07

Always With You

Your heart may be heavy and aching
Now that I'm no longer here,
But though you may shed many tears
Let memories banish your fear.

My arms are no longer around you,
My lips cannot speak of my love,
But I'm with you in spirit each day,
As I look down from Heaven above.

The house may be silent without me,
It doesn't mean I can't be there,
And when every night that you sleep,
Our love in your dreams we still share.

As you continue alone on the earth,
I'll be with you each step of the way,
I can still be the strength that you need
To carry you through each new day.

Although I know you can't see me,
Our spirits are joined as before,
So whenever you feel uplifted
Know it's me just loving you more.

In Heaven we're given a gift
To still tend to the ones left behind,
So smile when you think of me,
I remain in your heart and your mind.

Copyright Marian Jones 2001


Close your eyes and open your heart
Relax and let your worries depart,
Know that the Father is caring for you
Giving you strength to carry you through.

Ask for His guidance as you live each day
Trusting in Him to show you the way;
Soon you will find your worries all cease
Bringing you joy through God's perfect peace.

Copyright Marian Jones - 2003

My Place for You

There is a secret place
Within the heart of me
Where thoughts of you return
Like haunting melodies.

The voice I loved, now still,
Is whispering inside,
It stirs fond memories
Which in my heart reside.

Old feelings spring to life;
It is as if you're near,
Speaking words of comfort
"Remember I'm still here".

I know it is a dream
My heart so loves this song;
Souvenirs I store away
In the place where they belong.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003

The Loveliest of Memories

The loveliest of memories
Will never fade away,
Though years may come and go
The joy they brought will stay.

Golden days of childhood;
Running free in fields of flowers,
So happy in our innocence
When all the world was ours.

Special times once shared
With loved ones long since gone.
We hold them in our hearts;
Their memories living on.

The loveliest of memories
Mean more than words can say,
For when we feel downcast
They will chase all cares away.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003


I sit and watch from my window,
As the stars come out at night,
Sparkling against a black velvet sky
Filling the world with light.

I sit and watch, and I wonder,
How can this miracle be?
The light from the sun has gone
Then this magic performance we see.

Somewhere high in the Heavens,
God's hand is changing the view.
I bow to His mighty power
The wondrous things He can do.

I sit and watch from my window,
God's beautiful work I survey;
My soul is touched by His presence
When night welcomes the end of the day.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003

The Beauty of Love

Love that is shared is a beautiful thing
Life becomes richer with the joy it can bring.
It uplifts the spirits to heights that are new
When you love somebody as I love you.

Your love for me is tender and kind,
Bringing me peace in my heart and my mind
You are my lover and my best friend,
For the rest of my life on you I'll depend.

To return the love you have given to me,
And sharing the magic of love's mystery
I give you my heart, I give you my soul,
It's only with you that my life can be whole.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002


There are words in life to inspire us,
Words that bring comfort and care;
Encouraging words to a friend
When they're in the depth of despair.

There are words between two lovers
Declaring their love for each other;
But sometimes we speak harsh words
Inflicting pain on another.

Words that are chosen wisely
Which we speak in a gentle tone,
Are those that come from our heart
And with them true kindness is shown

Copyright Marian Jones 2003


God's Gifts

There are treasures that money can't buy,
Like the smile on a baby's face,
A stroll through a garden of flowers,
To rest in a tranquil place.

The magic of a sudden rainbow,
Colors that never change,
The pattern created by God,
A plan we can't re-arrange.

A meadow turned emerald green
By the touch of an April shower,
The warmth of the summer sun,
The scent of a beautiful flower.

The comfort of murmuring water
From a river sparkling with light,
The sun going down in the evening,
Making way for the stars at night.

The seasons that come and go,
Changing as God had planned,
His wondrous power we behold,
On every part of the land.

It's not the things that we buy,
That bring us the greatest pleasure,
If we look at the beauty around us,
We'll find joy in God given treasures.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002


I felt an angel's presence
On the day you left my side:
A gentle touch upon my cheek,
To wipe the tears I cried.

I seemed to hear her whisper
"Your loved one's in God's care,
Just turn your eyes to Heaven
And know he's resting there."

Her presence brought me comfort;
It was as if she knew
My faith in God was tested,
On the day that I lost you.

The years have swiftly passed,
Yet still I sense her near,
And know, whatever comes my way,
She'll help me through each fear.

God never leaves us helpless
As along life's path we roam:
An angel always comes our way
To guide us gently home.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Guardian Angel

On the day that we are born
An angel comes to earth;
She lingers for awhile
Until the timing of our birth;

Then gracefully she flies
On angel wings so light
And goes back up to Heaven,
To return to us each night.

So as we live our lives
And each day is at its end,
Remember your special angel
From Heaven she'll descend.

She'll watch you as you sleep
And meet with you in dreams,
She's the guardian of the night,
Flown down on moonlight beams.

So when you lay your head to rest,
She'll stay until the morn,
Protecting you as promised
On the day that you were born.

Copyright 2002 Marian Jones

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